Old Connaught House was built in 1784 and soon after became the home of Lord William Conyngham Plunket, the first Baron Plunket and Lord High Chancellor of Ireland, amongst other titles!

Core to our history is the House, where we now live but the size of the Estate grew and shrank over the years by hundreds of acres. Today we have the House and eight acres of beautiful gardens.

The House was handed down through four generations to the Fifth Baron who became Governor of New Zealand. When he died in 1920 the house contents were auctioned and soon after leased to the Christian Brothers. Old Connaught House became Coláiste Chiarain, a school for noviciates.

In 2000, Old Connaught House and c. eight acres of land were bought by Town Park.  Work began on the first conversion of a Georgian Manor House and Gardens, in Ireland, into a complex of  44 apartments, privately owned, on a gated private property, within easy reach of Dublin City Centre, Bray, Shankill, Enniskerry and Kiltiernan.

Old Connaught House is 232 years old and still, very much, alive!


Old Connaught House and Gardens are Private Property and not open to the general public.

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